Wednesday, June 6

Work Wear Wednesday: Look for Less Part II

Let's take a look at a second look (did that make sense?), following the theme from last week, where we drool over a catalog page, and then go find it for less.  Your wallet/husband/boyfriend/conscience will thank you.

This week's subject: JCrew new arrivals (happened this week!).

JCrew price: western denim shirt, $138. Cafe Capri in silk Foulard, $228. Lena Wedges, on sale $159.99. Striped sweater $85.
Grand total: $610.99 (internal freak out!)

Look for Less:
(I have several options pulled...bear with me!!!)
Version one:

Chambray top, $52.19.  Patterned pant, $60.88. Stripe sweater, $48.71. Nude wedge, $28.
Grand total Version one: $189.78

Version two:

Chambray top, $59. Red Pant, $34.79. Stripe Sweater, $48.71. Nude Heel, $20.99.
Grand total version two: $163.49

Version three:

Chambray top, $59. Dotted pants, $43.49. Stripe Sweater, $48.71. Nude Wedges, $28.
Grand total: $179.20

All it takes is a little creativity, a little Internet digging, a little patience, and you can save over $400 on just one outfit!

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