Friday, April 13

Hair help.

I need hair help.  I went to get it dyed recently, and the color did not take very I may be going back quicker than planned.  It's such a hard decision...coloring your hair.  What is the trend? What will the sun do to it? Is this too dark? Is this too light? How does my complexion look?

So.. I'll show you my current hair color... and then some options...and I'd love some input!! Pleeeeease. (see how nice I was there?)
(this photo was taken by my cousin. she's great. and cute!)

and here are some options.  (ps I have an entire pin board dedicated to hair styles.)

 the sultry, dark option:                                                           the red option (hard to keep red in!):
the sun kissed option:

Sydney has great hair, so it's obvious why I pick hers as an option. And, I have to say...I'm super impressed with Kristen Stewart. How great does she look in that picture!?

and slightly off topic (sorry I'm not sorry...!!), how cool is this cut?! My hair is so long now, I'm not sure I could get the courage to do this, but it would be gorgeous.

Sometimes your hair needs a face lift! Thanks in advance for your advice...

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I think that sun kissed option would look great on you!

  2. Unknown says:

    Sun kissed option will look perfect in the summer :) and guess what summer is already here!

  3. Kris says:

    i love that cut!! you should go for it.

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