Monday, June 4

Manic Monday: Miss USA Recap

Since I already watch shameful television shows such as the Bachelorette, Revenge, and Gossip Girl, why not admit that I also like to watch the pageants? Growing up, my gramma and I would get together and watch all pageants, making sure to take notes and tallies to see if we could predict the next crowned beauty.

Last night was similar, except no gramma (she's on a trip!) or ballots.  So the only similarity is that I still watch them..

Did you watch? Were you as baffled as I was by the outfits in the intro? And the fake runway viewers gasping and gaping through the catwalk while the ladies wore "punk"/debutante/derby dresses and fake smiles? Regardless, here are my top three favorites, and I'll warn you that this will be a spoiler alert if you haven't finished watching it.

3) Ohio-Audrey Bolte: I'm giving her third runner up on my list because she had a difficult time speaking clearly and staying on the topic while answering her tweeted in question (by the way, I wonder how many times my gramma asked what a tweet was as she watched with her nieces).  Her dress she also dubbed the yellow school bus, which I couldn't get out of my head after that.  However, she seemed fairly smart and fairly normal/non evil (did you see the dagger eyes Nevada gave anyone who tried to step in front of her spotlight?!)

2) Rhode Island-Olivia Culpo: She quoted Audrey Hepburn as her role model (love her, but it seemed as though other ladies cited mom or gramma as their role model...maybe there's more to the story there).  I'm glad she won.  She clearly has class & grace, and a killer body, so isn't that what's important here?

1) Oklahoma-Lauren Lundeen: So she has bangs, like me and/or Zooey D, which I love.  While watching her last night I actually began to realize how unruly my bangs are and that I desperately need a trim.  Anywho, Lauren (as was mentioned in the commentary, thank you Giuliana) was the only one to rock bangs in the pageant. She wore them well, and I also love her hair color.  She appeared to have zero percent body fat, and zero attitude, so she wins in my book.  If only the media had agreed...

It's ok to admit you were watching last night, too.  There wasn't much else on TV so you can even use that as the excuse.

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