Wednesday, May 30

Work Wear Wednesday: Look for Less

Are you like me, where you open the catalog, drop your jaw, and covet an entire look?! Then you look at the prices...and moan.

I thought I'd share my favorite work wear (summer casual) looks, and let's see if we can find a bargain or two.  This week I'll start with my favorite look from Madewell.

Subject one: the turq silk blouse and dotted pants.  Pair with red lips, beachy hair, and brown clutch.

Madewell price: Blouse, $110. Printed denim, $110. Sandals, $59.50. Clutch, $98. Beach Spray, $24
Grand total: $401.50
Look for less:

 Budget price: Top, $29.90. Pants, $36.99. Clutch, $36.99. Sandals, $16.99.  Lipstick, ~$5. Beach Spray, DIY.
Total Price: $125.87

Granted the look isn't 100% the same, but it's a close match! I am still on the hunt for a closer match to the dotted pants (so I can get them for myself :)).

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  1. Julie says:

    Love this! Love the silk blouse!

  2. ohh, love this! what a great outfit!
    xo TJ

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