Wednesday, February 1

An Intro.

I'm calling this day 1 of blogging. I think it's a good time to start. First day of the month, second month of the year...My reasoning behind starting on February 1st is as follows:
1. Starting new things on January 1 does not usually lead to permanence and/or consistency, so February might.
2. I didn't even know I was going to start another blog until I got Grace's nudge on January 20th, so how could I have started any sooner?
3. I need time to build and create this blog. People, it doesn't happen over night! I also took on the daunting task of editing and customizing the coding on my own. A few times I had to phone a friend (actually a really smart cousin).
Since I'm not entirely set on a specific topic to start with, how about I just introduce myself a little bit (in case there are new readers out there)!
Name: Ann (obvi).
Daytime occupation: Accountant (are you surprised?).
Favorite color: Green. Ok and grey (gray?) too.
Hobbies: anything you see in the drop down menus here, as well as yoga/fitness, brunching, and consuming mass quantities of wine and/or cheese.
Residence: Texas.*
Number of shoes currently taking up residence in my closet: Unknown. Should I count?
Fact: I use sarcasm/humor to ease discomfort in awkward situations.
Fiction: I am left handed.
Seemingly useless skills I possess: omelet making, shoe shopping, blog scouring, number counting, sneezing loudly, and getting ready at a rapid pace in the mornings.
I have a talented photographer cousin (Julie) that you'll see me post about frequently. She is the master behind any cool looking photo of me. My profiel image, and of the one on my sidebar of myself and another cousin doing a head stand in South Africa. Here she and I are in a typical self-taken photo op situation:
I also have six nephews between my two older sisters, and one more baby on the way**. I am obsessed with those crazy boys.
These four are expecting another to complete their basketball team.
From L to R- Leo (7), Teddy (just under 2), Joe (10, and donning shoes bigger than me), and Henry (5):
These two are Moses (a very out of date pic-but I just love this old one! He is now 2+ years old) and below him, his very new brother Cyrus (6 weeks!) (which Julie took!):
What's the point of this blog? I really think it serves as a creative outlet since I am typically trapped in my cubicle counting beans (that's what you envision isn't it?). Since the invention of Pinterest (seriously, how badly do you wish it was you who had the idea?!), all I want to do is cook, organize, and DIY. We'll talk about shoes, we'll talk about alterations, we'll talk about cooking, or my obsessive organizing.
P.S. These are the shoes I have on today:
*Just because I'm from Texas, and live here, doesn't mean I obsess over my state like so many do. I do love it, especially since we have had a complete jooooooooke of a winter thus far. Most likely, I will not post about Texas and all its greatness. Any complaints, take it up with management***.
**Two older sisters. Oldest has 4 boys and one baby on the to be determined. Let's be honest, it's probably a boy. Middle has two boys.
***that's me, lucky you!

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  1. ha. loved the fiction!

    and lusting after your shoes! Where did you purchase?!

    love this post .. the perfect inaugural post!.

    Happy I nudged.

    and that photo of you and Julie ... gorgeous.

    ahhhhh what if Audra has a girl!??!

  2. KatieH says:

    Yay! Love reading your blog. And, I'm always second guessing grey/gray as well!

  3. Erica says:

    Happy to see you blogging again, Miss Ann!!! And I love that pic of us doing headstands. :)

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