Monday, May 14

Manic Monday Part IV: The Final Patio Post

Well, at least until I do something monumental out there like hang a flat screen TV (don't put it past me...I've already thought about where it would go. I just have to figure out how to protect it from the elements).

So you've seen the patio pics here and here.  We planted some annuals this weekend, purchased various partial-sun flowers and plants for the pots, and the most ridiculously adorable patio furniture, as well as some accents from Ikea, all in one Saturday (notice how I didn't say weekend because we left Sunday for enjoying said finished product).

Here are the results:

We had to assemble the glider...which was difficult but not impossible.  The turquoise chairs came already assembled. The white "wicker" (actually plastic!!) chair came from Ikea.  The coffee table as well, and the two side tables (one white, one turq, which I can't find online but are no more than $4 each).

Impatiens surround the tree (in a coral color, hard to see in these pics!).  I grabbed any colorful partial-sun flowers/plants I liked/could find to create mixed pots between the glider and chairs. 

Sunday morning I found some ants visiting the coffee table, so we went to Lowe's and got some ant/bug fogger and some ant baits.  Do NOT mess with my oasis, people.

Anthropologie has darling outdoor/summer living accessories.  May find a way to make this, or buy this.

...and now back to work :)

ps, if you're already following me on instagram, sorry for the repetitive pictures :)

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  1. That patio furniture is so adorable and totally "Ann"!

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