Friday, June 29

Finally Friday

Somehow I felt like this week flew by, even though each day was filled with its own craziness.  

I was so thankful to see my new, sweet nephew on Sunday.  My cousin was able to snap a couple of pictures with #4 & #5 getting along swimmingly-what a relief!  Teddy is 2, and Tony is 0. I think these pictures prove they're destined to be best buds :)

I've been reading an absolutely fantastic book this week.  It's called Wilderness Skills for Women by Marian Jordan.  I highly recommend.  The book is written from her perspective of each woman's personal wilderness period, and it truly is like she is speaking to you personally! 

Whether it be a break up, a loss of a friend, or a riff with a family member, a wilderness period is inevitable throughout our lives.  What is interesting is that Marian talks about how this period should be a sign to hope, not to despair.  What?! HOPE?! How much easier is it to have a melt down and doubt your entire future? Much easier.  But to have hope brings such a greater sense of peace.  I can't tell you how much good this book has done for me, just in one week!  I can't wait to read her other books!

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  1. Julie says:

    CUTIES! Love them. :)

  2. KatieH says:

    Aw Teddy looks like a doll! And I'm going to have to borrow that book!

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