Tuesday, June 12

Top Three Tuesday: Flats/Sandals for Summer

Grace suggested I blog about some flats/sandals options for Summer that aren't ugly. Ha! Her husband, Simon, gives her a lot of grief over these.

In general, I think it can be difficult to wear flats. You may feel more frumpy.  Heels definitely elongate your legs and improve your posture.  But let's be real...you can't wear heels every day!

Some options I love right now:

3) A little bit of neon:  WHO DOESN'T love neon right now!? And for $39, what a great way to sass up your old blues.  Here is a more pricey pair I love, too. And alllllll of these are fantastic.
2) A little bit of tribal: This pair is a little more pricey, but Sam Edelman makes a great, lasting shoe, so why don't you just splurge a little bit.  Tribal is always in style, IMO.  These would be great with a long summer skirt, shorts, jeans, or at the pool.

3) A little bit of animal: Or a lot...let's be real, these are pretty fantastic.  I know this, because they are currently on my feet! Dolce Vita is my new fav brand, and I picked up these sandals (in gold) before summer when I got my jelly bow flats (so it's becoming very clear that I have a shoe problem....). I'm wearing mine with these skinny black pants and a light blue blouse to make an otherwise plain outfit a little more snazzy.

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  1. Julie says:

    Looove the neon ones, I need to pick up some soon so I can enjoy them all summer!!

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