Tuesday, July 31

Top Three Tuesday: Prints

I love prints. I love mixing prints. In fact, at times I have a fear of walking out of the house in all solids.  It's an irrational fear, but a valid fear nonetheless.

In honor of it being Tuesday and no longer Monday, and the fact that I'm wearing some of these prints as I type, I'll talk about prints. (Prints is the new buzz word everyone!!)

3) Gingham.  It's no longer just for menswear, even though I had to stock my wardrobe with menswear until I found this baby in navy.
The history of gingham originated from the English (naturally) via the Dutch, and was first used to describe a woven striped fabric.  Now more commonly it is this checkered pattern

2) Polka dots. They are the most playful, cheery pattern out there.  (and my dress sported this pattern yesterday!)  Wiki says the pattern is mostly in children's clothing, rarely in serious fashion, and generally more playful occasions.  The pattern is named after a dance of the same name.  I spy a subtle polka dot blouse at JCrew!!
1) Stripes.  I just can't get over my affinity and obsession for stripes. I don't think it's curable and sorry I'm not sorry.  Apparently its origination was quite the scandal, with responses such as "one shall not made a garment made of two" and those who wore stripes were not to be trusted...i.e. village idiots, prostitutes, jugglers, and clowns.  Well thankfully that opinion is mostly over, and we can all be free to wear stripes. I love this combo of stripes+stripes!
Monday, July 30

Musical Manic Monday.

Today is definitely manic.   There are construction workers at our office re-building out new floors for us, which really just sounds like someone banging a hammer against a pipe.  There is construction going on at my place to work on a couple repairs.  It's everywhere!!! Time to put in my headphones and tune out the world and get some work done.

Someone told me about "Portugal. The Man". Really-that's the band name.  I had to get him to repeat it no fewer than five times, which probably led him to believe that I have a hearing problem (WHAT??!).

Well I checked it out, and good news-I love it.  It successfully got me through any car time on Sunday, and I am now head bobbing to it in my cubicle.  Yay for headphones and new tunes!

Here are my favs:

Got it All


Turns out these guys are from Portland, which gives me yet another reason to visit there.  Love finding new music and people who have good taste.
Thursday, July 26


is Thursday. And today I don't have a cocktail or a thrift to share with you, because I would rather talk about my vacation. 

 I'm here to tell you, it's really hard to do a headstand when the shore is completely sloped.  I managed to do one in South Africa a few years ago, but it was much flatter.

 Just your average Friday afternoon with some of my favorite people.
 Necessary to put your hair in a top knot on the beach. No beauty contest here.
These guys greeted us every morning.

I don't really sleep in, ever. I'm just not a good sleeper at all, really. But I managed to sleep till 9 every single day of my vacation.   My roommate even said "It can't be 9, Ann's still asleep". 

Usually when you go on a vacation, you come home and need another vacation to recover.  For some strange reason, I felt ready to get back to work and completely refreshed.  I finished my great book, and I highly recommend it.  I touched a sting ray, but then completely freaked out, so I can't say I conquered any fears there.  Most of all, I just enjoyed being with friends and not thinking about deadlines or really anything else for that matter.  It really is important to take a break every once in a while, and it doesn't happen often enough for me.

This weekend we'll be celebrating Corinne's upcoming wedding once again, with a wedding shower.  After that, it's rest and relaxation, and maybe some Olympics watching for me.
Tuesday, July 17

Top Three Tuesday: Swimwear

Being that I'm in Island mode, since I leave this week for Grand Cayman, I'm in the throws of unpacking and re-packing, and trying to make very important decisions like which bathing suits to pack and which to save for another day.

My mom and I had a very lengthy conversation regarding tan lines and swim tops, while my dad stood by rolling his eyes.  Anyways...we decided it's highly important to get as few tan lines as possible.  When we're playing with my nephews or doing anything besides laying flat on a towel, we like to have some sort of strap to make sure we don't flash anyone.

These are my favorite swimwear for the tan line conscious folk:

3) The String top. I know when you hear the word "string" you freak out, but it's actually been known to be the most flattering type of bikini, because it doesn't cut into your skin and create any "bulging".  I like this simple one from Madewell.
2) The Scrunch tie top. I found this in the Athleta catalog, and love the look. It seems very stable, but doesn't have too much going on to create severe tan lines. I love this pattern, too. Comes in turquoise as well, or even a solid.
1) The bandeau.  This year JCrew came out with a twist front bandeau, and I am obsessed! I ordered one on sale and it's become my favorite swim top! It has a detachable strap as well.
For bottoms this year, I'm obsessed with the tulle retro hipster brief. Look how cute this polka dot one is!
And I usually mix & match my patterns and solids...makes it more fun and unique!

Happy sunning! :)
Monday, July 16

Manic Monday

I'm back from family vacation, and missing my family so much! After days spent on the lazy river, my roommate picked me up at the airport last night and said "you look rested!" Imagine looking rested after playing non stop with 7 nephews!

In other news, this poster completely applies to my family. We are high strung, Italian women.
Does anyone watch SYTYCD? I caught up on the show last night, and my favorite dance was a tie between the Titanic tribute and the contemporary routine featuring "Turning Page" by Sleeping at Last.  See videos below:

Thursday, July 12

Today is my Friday.

So I want to post about hair accessories....roll with it!  I saw that Anthropologie did a feature on spicing up your summer hair....and I have to say I'm intrigued.  I want to try two stat.  I actually bought a cool head wrap on etsy a couple weeks back...from this gals shop.

Anthropologie's cute ideas:

Funky turban + twisty top knot:

The one I bought recently:

Anthropologie's sparkle/color hair ties:
I may have to get my hands on those hair ties! 5 for $12 is a good price.

Any other recommendations? Send them over!
Wednesday, July 11

Work Wear Wednesday: Look for Less

Did you receive the Anthropologie July catalog? Were you totally struck by the cover like I was? Then I got to the price of this look and thought...no way.  Then I saw it in the store and felt like it wasn't worth the price....shoot.  I know I can figure out a way to pull this off without breaking my budget.

The Look:
The cost:
Dress $188, Collar $198, Shoes $168
Total: $554

Look for less:

Option One: Dress, Collar, Shoes=$122.98
Option Two: Dress, Collar, Shoes=$95.98
Tuesday, July 10

Top Three Tuesday: Reasons to get outta town

It's Summer. The time of year where, when growing up, you were out of school and potentially at summer camp/taking a family vacation.  Enter adult world: i.e. life in a cubicle.  No more summer vacation.  WHAT?!?!?

I know, it's crushing really.  Gone are those blissful days but at least you now have a paycheck and can use your vacation days as you like. I shall stop complaining.

This weekend I'm heading out of town with my family (yes...all fourteen of us...that's mom, dad, both sisters and both their husbands, all 7 nephews, and myself) to the hill country.  The last time we took a family trip, there were three existing nephews, so this should be fun :)

My top reasons to get outta town:

3) The need for a change of scenery.  It's good to get away from work every now and then.  Get outside, get some fresh air, sleep in a little, ignore your daily routine, and focus on important things like carbs and wine.  There are several benefits to getting fresh air daily.  To include a few: it's good for your digestion, improves heart rate and blood pressure, makes you happier (hey! that's great!), and sharpens your mind. 

2) The need for sun.  First of all, my skin is too pale for my taste, and for a little longer, I'm going to focus on my tan.  Increase your vitamin D intake and catch some rays, but be sure to wear sunglasses (like that's a problem for me...I love buying them!).  There are several benefits here, too! One includes reduces risk of up to 20 types of cancer-heyyyyyy! Other include boosting your immunity, improving your metabolism, and sleeping better.

1) The need for sleep. I get way too caught up in my daily routine of work out-shower-get ready for work-rush rush rush-get to work-work-errands-more work-potential social engagement-sigh of relief-go to bed that I need to literally leave the premises in order to relax.  I won't be getting up for my work out and instead I'll focus on getting caught up on sleep. 

There are several benefits to sleep (obviously). Did you know that sleep deprivation increases risk of a car accident? Yikes.  More sleep helps clear your mental clutter, and improve your memory.   It also reduces displaced aggression, and makes you want to eat healthier (maybe that's why, when I'm tired, I want to eat bad food!) and I also believe it improves your skin and appearance.  When my parents go on their vacations, they come back looking like they've had a face lift!
I can't wait to start working on all three! :)
Monday, July 9

Manic Monday: Music to get you started

Why is this such a hard Monday? I'm not quite ready to be at work... so I listened to this non stop in my car this morning.

The girl in the video looks like a total bad ass in her cropped leather jacket!!
Friday, July 6

Finally Friday: Dreams are Strange

I had the strangest dream last night.  I dreamt I had taken out my contacts, maybe to swim or something.  When I went to put them back in, I put the left one in with no problem.   However, the right one grew to the size of my whole hand...and as I struggled to put it in my eye, I folded it up and it was now the size of a dinner plate!

I realize this is strange... and believe me it had me very concerned. What I love is that, upon arriving to work, I googled "dreams about contact lenses" and what I have found is somewhat close to a focus group related to these dreams.

What was interesting is, after finally giving up, I noticed there was already a contact lens in my eye!  The large contact lens (probably a beach ball by then) had several scratches and tears as well.

Some of the comments are fantastic!

Now that you think I'm insane....have fun judging me and/or researching your crazy dreams! :)
Tuesday, July 3

Top Three Tuesday: Independence Day Clothing

Whether you're cooking out, going to the parade, or hitting the pool, here's what I want to celebrate!

3) A patriotic bikini. Now, this would only be purchased/worn when the day comes that I have too much money.  As we are not there yet, I would have to go search the sale rack at Old Navy for a similar suit.  All in all, you have to admit it's cute!
2) Blue gingham shorts. I actually have these on today, but honestly if you sport anything gingham (like either of my two men's shirts from yesterday's post), you're golden.  Lightweight cotton, eye catching pattern, and appropriate colors for the occasion.
1) Striped tank dress.  This I bought on promotion, and with my discount, and have worn it obsessively since. Wear with a chambray, scarf, t shirt, or cardigan...you can't go wrong!
Don't forget to grab your hat, and get outdoors!
Monday, July 2

Manic Monday

So I am NOT ready to be back to work today.  Would love a Monday off, so that it doesn't actually feel manic.

Anyways...I was in the mall on Saturday, killing time before seeing a movie (not Magic Mike...Snow White and the Huntsman...but don't get me wrong, I still want to see MM asap). I went into JCrew to exercise my discount (from working at Madewell) and was really disappointed with the women's button down shirts.  Just because we're girls doesn't mean we only want pink, especially since I rarely want pink at all.  I've been on the hunt for a great black/white or navy/white gingham button down but just couldn't settle for this one:

and this one wasn't in stock:

so I wandered over to the men's section and got this guy:
and as a splurge, this guy:
and I have to say, I'm ten times more pleased with the men's quality and selection than the women's.  I got an xs in both shirts, and may shrink them a tiny bit, but a little sleeve rolling and waist tying and we're good to go. I'm wearing a black long "mullet" skirt with the colorful gingham button down today.   Perhaps I should sport it again on Wednesday...Stay tuned for some Fourth of July looks that aren't obnoxious... :)