Tuesday, June 19

Top Three Tuesday: Top Three Splurges

We all have them.  You know, things we spend money on that we might be ashamed about, or that we should consider spending less money on.  Oh well...here I am about to admit the three things I splurge on, that I just can't do without.

3) Night Cream.  Look, I'm not getting any younger, so I've got to have a great night cream with anti-aging in it.  I actually have several other qualifications for a night cream including: light weight, soaks into skin, smells nice, won't make me break out, won't hurt my eyes if a little gets in, and actually does said anti-aging magic. It's a fairly small jar, but it lasts at least 3 months!

2) Gel Manicures. Have you tried it? If not, you better get on it. Your polish stays at least 2 weeks, sometimes longer! My place has a discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of 20% off, so it makes the cost around $28. I try not to go too often, because of a few concerns mentioned in this article.  I definitely get one before a wedding or major event.

3) Bar Method. I've actually been going since the studio in Dallas opened. I got hooked! Then I tried to leave, and eventually came back.  Nothing tones better than a bar workout.  I did yoga for 3 years, and tried to do both simultaneously, but found I wasn't getting my butt to enough classes to make the cost < benefit.  I was stressing myself out to go to classes all the time!  Bar Method (and the like) can cost just under $200 a month for a membership, but I locked in a deal for $125 a month by purchasing during an incentive.  This is just $8 more than my yoga membership was for years, and it's much closer to home.

What are your top splurges? (please divulge so I am not the only one confessing here!!!)

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  1. KatieH says:

    Re: gel nails article, yikes! Splurges: massages and jeans!

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