Monday, June 11

Manic Monday: Chia Seeds Please Kick In.

I had a juice smoothie this am with chia seeds in it.  I really need those puppies to kick in so I can start being super mega productive.  Grace swears by them, so I'm sure they'll kick in shortly..

In the mean time, I saw a very funny movie this weekend.  Bernie.  Jack Black plays an assistant funeral director, who moves to the small Texas town of Carthage, and befriends a grumpy widow, played by Shirley MacLaine.

Here's a clip from the movie..

Go see it! If for no other reason, you'll giggle your hiney off at the funny East Texas women portrayed oh-so-accurately.

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  1. Laura B says:

    Yes! Josh, Carrie, and I went and saw Bernie recently, and while it was no substitute for the Queen cover band we were meant to see (#sunburnproblems), we thought it was hilarious!

  2. showing grace's list of FUS blogs to Barry and found this little gem - delighted! watched the trailer for the movie. My comment to Barry: We should go see this. I like Matthew McConaughey as a Texan. Barry: Yeah, as long as he keeps his shirt on

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