Monday, February 6

Cookie Time

I had some free time on Sunday. What better way to fill than by a) perusing Pinterest and b) letting it convince you to bake something! I found a recipe for snickerdoodle cookies that does NOT call for cream of tartar and pounced on it. What does cream of tartar even do!?* So I got out the largest of my nesting multi-colored mixing bowls (these are a must have) (this is the best I could find on eBay in case anyone needs them!) and got started. I couldn't just have plastic measuring cups and spoons. Had to have the owl measuring cups, and my cousin gave me these measuring spoons for Christmas!
Don't they look amazing?
Here they are in the oven...after I chilled the dough and then rolled the balls in cinnamon/sugar.
And done!
Confession. I forgot the tsp of salt it calls for. I usually put a little more salt than a recipe calls for, because it helps cut the sweetness a bit. Well, these were still delish without the salt. I think the trick is also to under bake them, so they stay soft.
*I did some googling and it seems to be necessary to pair the cream of tartar w/ baking soda after eggs have been beaten with sugar in your cookie recipe (wtf). I read further, and from what I can tell, because this recipe had baking soda and powder, it didn't need the tartar.

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  1. Kris says:

    I love how this followed the torturecise post:)
    I'll take the cookies, please.

  2. Come out of the screen and into my life please. These would go great with my coffee...

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