Tuesday, June 5

Top Three Tuesday: Summer Hats

Whether you're hitting the beach, the pool, or just a long sunny brunch, don't forget to pick up your summer hat.  I have actually begun wearing one more frequently, since I started dyeing my hair, so I can keep that color lasting as long as the budget can stretch.

And this morning, I couldn't think of a THING to blog about, so I bugged Grace for some ideas.

So, here you have it. My top three favorite summer hats, one on a budget, and one a little more pricey.  All the budget ones are from Target, and I highly recommend making a Target run for their current hats/scarves!

3) The Sun Hat. At first glance, I may have put this in the same category as a fedora, but upon further reflection and study, this is a much stronger take on the 20s than the modern day fedora.  I found the most adorable one ever on Anthropologie's site (surprise, surprise).

Target, $12.99

2) The Floppy Hat.  Everyone loves a good floppy hat.  You feel like a celebrity sitting by the pool in one.  Make sure it has enough fold in it for you to be able to see.  The choices this year are endless...pops of neon, stripe, or something tied around it.  I actually haven't committed to a floppy yet, but this might be the year for it. 

JCrew, $34.50

Target, $12.00
(see it's twin here for four times the price!)

1) The Fedora.  Gone are the days that only people like Justin Timberlake or Jason Mraz would wear this guy.  I actually bought one at ACL last year, just before it began to rain.  This is my favorite choice for a summer hat because it is wearable, small, and comfortable (if you get a looser fit, which I have for my HUGE HEAD). You also don't need to worry about walking through crowded areas in this, because it's small with a brim barely wider than your head!

from Madewell, $48

Target, $12.99

Target, $12.99

Happy shopping!

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  1. Cari says:

    Loooove hats! That Anthropologie one is adorable and my favorite and now I think I may have to exit you page to go click over there and buy it.
    Closely on its heels is the orange one from J. Crew.
    However, we have to part ways on the fedora action, since fedoras are only worn by females who are either a. young or b. old enough to not give a rip. Which means middle aged hausfrau like me have no business with them.

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