Wednesday, June 20

Work Wear Wednesday: Look for Less Part IV

I'm obsessed with stripes. Isn't everybody?! You should be. So versatile, so un-boring.

Moving on to today's look:

JCrew is a likely culprit, because they have it DOWN as far as style, but I'm not always down with their prices.

Cost break down: Dress, $148. Scarf, $59.50. Flats, $188. Denim Jacket, $98.
Grand total: $493.50

Look for less:

Dress, $20. Scarf, $12.90. Flats, $39.99. Denim Jacket, $34.94.
Grand total: $107.83.

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  1. Dipti says:

    loves this .the scarf and stripes combo is so bold yet so beautiful.

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