Tuesday, February 28

Pucker up

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with lipstick?!  I find excuses to wear it as often as possible.  Alas I cannot wear it to work, since I reside in a super conservative (nay, unfashionable and male-infested) work environment.

My favorites are.... (and hey, some are budget friendly!)
(1) Revlon Super Lustrous cream lipstick (under $5 at most stores) in Cherries in the Snow

(2) Revlon Super Lustrous in Fire & Ice

(3) Nars Heat Wave (this one is a little pricier...$24)

(4) Kat von D (under $20!) (I can't find the color I have...it's not this)

I like the way lipstick makes your eyes pop, your complexion flawless, your teeth whiter, and your step spunkier.  My mother wears lipstick every day.  I remember her telling me she had to "put her face on" when I was little..and now I understand!

What's your favorite beauty product?
Friday, February 24

It's Downton not Downtown.

I finally finished the finale to Season 2 of Downton Abbey.  Do you like the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice?  Or Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma?  How about Anne Hathoway's Becoming Jane?  Really...do you have a heart/soul/like anything that smells, sounds or tastes like Jane Austen?

So many questions I know.

Well, I just have a feeling you'll love Downton Abbey.  It's a PBS special currently, and Season 2 just wrapped up on Sunday.

 EEEEeeeeeeee!!! There's a much anticipated proposal in it!  Part of me doesn't want to spoil it in case someone hasn't seen it but---too bad, so sad, you'll enjoy it anyways.

Mary + Matthew = <3!!

I wonder if Downton has monogrammed towels? Would they do M+M? Just a plain old C? Anyways..

I also found this blog that explains the whole entail issue from the beginning of Season 1, which is definitive proof that I should have paid more attention in my business law classes in college. Oh well, later down the road, blogs were created and here we find the answer.

And this blog details Downton Abbey cooking!  Wow, Pinterest-move over.  I want to make Kedgeree! (No actually I'm totally not serious and will go back to Pinterest now, thanks.

By the way, my Pinterest food board is out of control so I think I'll focus on making some of these things over the weekend...(after I clean my shower, fine), so I can prove this article wrong.
Thursday, February 23


Vant these specs. But I have a problem in that I have TOO MANY already.

Is it a crime to have so many pairs of eyewear? Isn't it good to have spairs?

I just really like mixing it up every now and then. 

I should prolly confess that I have a pair similar to these already...just black (top) and clear (bottom). 

Who's counting!?!
Tuesday, February 21

Guten Morgen.

I just got to my desk, and I feel like I've already accomplished enough for the day.  So I'll go ahead and go...(don't I wish!)...

This morning started off royally (after getting back from Bar Method) by enjoying my coffee with the royal family.
All hail!
  It's a really great way to start  the day.  On the back left, you'll see my Chemix coffee maker* and on the back right, you'll see my to-go cup of coffee, because one cup ain't enough.

  Front and center-probably my 2nd favorite mug in my cabinet.**  I'll have you know it was purchased for me straight from the UK, one week after their nuptials. I should be embarrassed to have such an affinity, but I don't.

  This morning while sipping coffee and eating an omelet (more on that later), I decided this may be the weekend I clean my shower.  If any of you know me, you know that I absolute abhor cleaning the shower.  I don't know why, and you don't care, but it's the last task for me to conquer when it comes to any cleaning/household duties. Maybe I should consider marrying someone who has a love for shower cleaning....(applicants, please put that on your resume, thank you).  I typically use organic and safe products throughout the house, save for the shower. I use Kaboom-judge me if you want.  Anyways, it's not like I hate shower cleaning as much as Glennon hates vacuuming, but I really don't enjoy it. 

  The point is, I've almost made the decision to do it this weekend.  Other thoughts include finding a steam room to relax in, finishing the last 10 pages of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest (#3 in the Dragon Tattoo series), drinking endless amounts of coffee and/or wine, and spending time with friends.

 Next on the docket today...code these invoices (oh do I lead an exciting life).  If you look closely, you'll notice they are for "expert lubrication".  Can't wait to dive right in!

*I have this Chemix, and a french press.  I do not have an electricity-functioning coffee pot. Not because I'm a hippy (well partly), but because I do not like the taste of burnt coffee.  Try it!  Try it! You might like it!
**My favorite is this mug from Anthropologie my friend Corinne got me for Christmas. (It's a light pink one with an "a" on it)
Friday, February 17


Or not so new? I am sorry I don't care enough....I live Zooey all yea long. So let's pretend it's New Year's eve all over again and relish over this perfectly adorably melodically lovely musical snack of a greeting all over again:

Zooey D

P to the S...I'm hoping this whole "posting from your mobile" thing works out alright. If not, I'm truly sorry...I'll do better next time. Maybe.
Thursday, February 16

Hair Today

I was a little ambitious this morning in the hair department. Also-do you know how odd/awkward/difficult it is to take pictures of YOURSELF?

Anyways..I was on Pinterest yesterday (how many sentences started w/ that statement nowadays?) and found this great pony tail hair style, so I thought I'd try it.

And here are my awkward photos...

Also..my lovely friend Kris sent me a handmade necklace of hers!!! You can barely see it in the last photo, but I plan on posting all about it and the adorable packaging it came in soon.
Wednesday, February 15

JCrew Fall 2012

Great presentation by JCrew of their upcoming fall collection.

I love their updated take on tweed. They've modernized Chanel with neons and brights. For work I also love wearing ankle pants and pumps!!

In addition...I have a huge obsession with wearing lipstick. Bright coral, vibrant red, or a raspberry tone...tell me your favorites!  I probably have about 6 tubes I rotate between right now, ranging from Nars to Revlon.  We'll just have to have a later post on that...
Tuesday, February 14

I love my cookware.

That title has little to do with the premise of the post.  But, this past Christmas, my parents gave me two Le Creuset pots.  A huge dutch oven and a smaller pan for risotto/rice/pasta.  I am obsessed.  I use them multiple times a week. 
This past weekend I did some cooking w/ my roommate to prepare for the week. 

My sister Audra makes these crazy good soups, so I was inspired by her to make this yellow split pea soup.  Honestly peas used to gross me out, but we're good now.  And the recipe has coconut milk in it so --- don't mind if I gorge myself.

-2 cups yellow peas (bulk section at Whole Foods), cover with water by 3inches, boil, drain, set aside (30 minutes ish)

-in separate pot: olive oil, two large onions diced, 3/4 bunch cilantro chopped (shh I used the whole damn bunch!), on econtainer of sliced cremini mushrooms (mushroom texture scares me...I kept them whole for easy removal), 2T red thai curry paste (holy cow this is great), chopped carrots, cook until a little more than translucent.
-add peas, 2 cans coconut milk, and veggie broth until you like the consistency (I used almost 1 box).
-add salt to taste (which I did because I love salt), 2T lime juice, and cook for 30 more minutes on low.


 -Oh, I also made a cup of black rice to eat w/ the soup. I got this Forbidden rice, only because the bulk section was out of the black rice.  It's supposed to be crazy packed with antioxidants (flavanoid antioxidants that is)!

-While cooking..why not bake while you're at it?! I made one of our friend's super secret recipes for crack cookies. I will give you a hint, it calls for cake batter. Now go forth and search for cake batter cookies, and experiment with some recipes!!  I have to say, I used a gluten free white cake mix, and in the past I used yellow cake mix.  I would recommend the yellow cake mix going forward.  Underbake them...and dust with powdered sugar to finish!

Thursday, February 9

Crafty friends

So I have this friend, Kris. She is a kindred spirit to me. Remember in Anne of Green Gables where Anne refers to Diana as her bosom friend and kindred spirit? Ah memories..moving on.

Anyways, Kris has this fantastic line of handmade, hand painted jewelry (and incredibly light weight).  She just got her shop up and running in Etsy, so go over and take a look asap.  These are my favorites, in case you wanted to know (sorry I didn't ask..)

 aren't these fantastic?!?!?! And this isn't all of them-go check it outttt!

Wednesday, February 8

Hump diddy day

I am super distracted today.  So  much so, that I nearly washed my face twice this morning in the shower. 
Are you on Pinterest?  It's really a problem.  For example, I don't have any huge plans this weekend, so I want to tackle all sorts of things at once that I might not have thought of before Pinterest.

For example.. I want to (and simultaneously, mind you)...

make a gorgeous backless tee..(anyone have a DIY?)
with a pot of this on the stove....               
while these are in the freezer for an afternoon snack...                                                            
and I'm serenely in a pose such as this:       

Sigh. I'm doomed with this plan.
Monday, February 6

Cookie Time

I had some free time on Sunday. What better way to fill than by a) perusing Pinterest and b) letting it convince you to bake something! I found a recipe for snickerdoodle cookies that does NOT call for cream of tartar and pounced on it. What does cream of tartar even do!?* So I got out the largest of my nesting multi-colored mixing bowls (these are a must have) (this is the best I could find on eBay in case anyone needs them!) and got started. I couldn't just have plastic measuring cups and spoons. Had to have the owl measuring cups, and my cousin gave me these measuring spoons for Christmas!
Don't they look amazing?
Here they are in the oven...after I chilled the dough and then rolled the balls in cinnamon/sugar.
And done!
Confession. I forgot the tsp of salt it calls for. I usually put a little more salt than a recipe calls for, because it helps cut the sweetness a bit. Well, these were still delish without the salt. I think the trick is also to under bake them, so they stay soft.
*I did some googling and it seems to be necessary to pair the cream of tartar w/ baking soda after eggs have been beaten with sugar in your cookie recipe (wtf). I read further, and from what I can tell, because this recipe had baking soda and powder, it didn't need the tartar.
Saturday, February 4


Do you work out? I don't care what it is...bike? Run? Walk? Yoga? Pilates? I could go on. Grace talks about doing videos at home, and I have a hard time remaining dedicated when the couch is soooo nearby. I have a friend who used this video...and her results are amazing. I kid you not, this girl posted a photo of her now and has received upwards of 45 comments and 30 "likes" on the photo. How inspiring! However...the comments I've heard about it are that it makes you want to vomit the first few days. I mean, I don't necessarily have a phobia of throwing up (like my sisters) but I don't really want to provoke it on a daily occurrence. I like to work out. Wellllllll...might be a stretch. I like to be in shape and be healthy. It's pretty important to me. My 60 minute bar exercise classes are pretty torturous, but I endure them. This 20 minute video might become a nightly routine in my casita. I bet I could convince my roommate to join in...muahahaa...anyone else care to join???? It's so cheap on Amazon!
Friday, February 3


Some people have goals for their weekend. They might include cleaning, jogging, or brunching. I love all those things (well except for the jogging-no thanks), but ... sometimes my goals include silly things. Like "wear a cute dress" or "put on that red lipstick".

(1, 2, 3) (the lipstick I found from Sydney, and that girl is smmmart.)

Anyone else? Surely it's not just me.. Plus, technically I could wear a cute dress to brunch, or I could wear lipstick while cleaning...it's not like I'm limiting my activities people..


Good music and good humor can make my week. I have a little bit of a problem with music, because I'm constantly moving from one band/genre to the next in quick succession. Because of this, I'm always on the hunt for new stuff to listen to.
I have a friend with a similar "problem", so we decided to tackle the Pitchfork Top 50 Albums of 2011 together. He starting with 50 and me starting with 1. We give it a three song listening chance, and decide whether or not to continue listening from there. I've got the full list printed out at my desk with color coded highlighting according to what the fate is of the band (nerd alert!). This week, Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues was on my docket. Great song, great album, great music video. I highly recommend you take a listen.
And..you'll soon realize I have a huge girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. She is in the television show "New Girl", which started out pretty rough...I think I gave it a four episode chance, before I really settled in for the long haul. My favorite line this week was "I'm about to go pay this fine, and my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!" Just give it a chance and watch it... She's so dorky/cute! I actually had someone tell me that they think of me when they watch this show.. and I'm not sure how to take that.
Thursday, February 2

Alteration Station

Welcome to Alteration Station. Doesn't that title remind you of Schoolhouse Rock!? Last weekend for me involved busting out the sewing machine and getting to that ever-growing pile of pants to be altered. I'm barely over 5 feet, so I have to hem nearly every pair of pantalones I purchase. Yes, even the "short" ones. Below we have four pairs of skinnies and one skirt (peaking out of the top!). The black pair on the left have remained too long (or just chopped off and frayed, much to the dismay of the lady that did my pedicure last week) for at least a full year. The next pair I just received at Christmas, so not bad! The third pair are the skinny skinny cords from Madewell in a fabulous mint. Other colors are available on sale right now!!! The fourth and final pair are some Old Navy boot cut jeans I picked up for $11. Look, Old Navy can be great, but do NOT look at their sizes. Just buy whatever fits. Ahhhhh glorious array of pants that now fit properly!! Oh this? Just a JCrew factory skirt I bought a few years ago that, during a recent try on/evaluation of "will I wear you to work today?" I discovered sat 3" below my knee...not so flattering. Chop I went, sewed up the back slit, and called it a short skirt! Can I just tell you I got at least four compliments throughout the day? Check out that stitching! Oh ya! (Look, I'm pumped about it!) Unrelated-ish, but here are my $10 cowboy boots I purchased at the Dallas Flea a few months ago, that I will wear on casual Friday with said Old Navy boot cut.
This weekend I plan on hemming my yoga pants (I know, how pathetic that I even have to hem yoga pants?) (PS, even though Lululemon is high dollar, they do free alterations. That is glorious). I also have one more skirt to chop off (similar to above situation). The fun continues!
Wednesday, February 1

An Intro.

I'm calling this day 1 of blogging. I think it's a good time to start. First day of the month, second month of the year...My reasoning behind starting on February 1st is as follows:
1. Starting new things on January 1 does not usually lead to permanence and/or consistency, so February might.
2. I didn't even know I was going to start another blog until I got Grace's nudge on January 20th, so how could I have started any sooner?
3. I need time to build and create this blog. People, it doesn't happen over night! I also took on the daunting task of editing and customizing the coding on my own. A few times I had to phone a friend (actually a really smart cousin).
Since I'm not entirely set on a specific topic to start with, how about I just introduce myself a little bit (in case there are new readers out there)!
Name: Ann (obvi).
Daytime occupation: Accountant (are you surprised?).
Favorite color: Green. Ok and grey (gray?) too.
Hobbies: anything you see in the drop down menus here, as well as yoga/fitness, brunching, and consuming mass quantities of wine and/or cheese.
Residence: Texas.*
Number of shoes currently taking up residence in my closet: Unknown. Should I count?
Fact: I use sarcasm/humor to ease discomfort in awkward situations.
Fiction: I am left handed.
Seemingly useless skills I possess: omelet making, shoe shopping, blog scouring, number counting, sneezing loudly, and getting ready at a rapid pace in the mornings.
I have a talented photographer cousin (Julie) that you'll see me post about frequently. She is the master behind any cool looking photo of me. My profiel image, and of the one on my sidebar of myself and another cousin doing a head stand in South Africa. Here she and I are in a typical self-taken photo op situation:
I also have six nephews between my two older sisters, and one more baby on the way**. I am obsessed with those crazy boys.
These four are expecting another to complete their basketball team.
From L to R- Leo (7), Teddy (just under 2), Joe (10, and donning shoes bigger than me), and Henry (5):
These two are Moses (a very out of date pic-but I just love this old one! He is now 2+ years old) and below him, his very new brother Cyrus (6 weeks!) (which Julie took!):
What's the point of this blog? I really think it serves as a creative outlet since I am typically trapped in my cubicle counting beans (that's what you envision isn't it?). Since the invention of Pinterest (seriously, how badly do you wish it was you who had the idea?!), all I want to do is cook, organize, and DIY. We'll talk about shoes, we'll talk about alterations, we'll talk about cooking, or my obsessive organizing.
P.S. These are the shoes I have on today:
*Just because I'm from Texas, and live here, doesn't mean I obsess over my state like so many do. I do love it, especially since we have had a complete jooooooooke of a winter thus far. Most likely, I will not post about Texas and all its greatness. Any complaints, take it up with management***.
**Two older sisters. Oldest has 4 boys and one baby on the way...sex to be determined. Let's be honest, it's probably a boy. Middle has two boys.
***that's me, lucky you!