Monday, July 2

Manic Monday

So I am NOT ready to be back to work today.  Would love a Monday off, so that it doesn't actually feel manic.

Anyways...I was in the mall on Saturday, killing time before seeing a movie (not Magic Mike...Snow White and the Huntsman...but don't get me wrong, I still want to see MM asap). I went into JCrew to exercise my discount (from working at Madewell) and was really disappointed with the women's button down shirts.  Just because we're girls doesn't mean we only want pink, especially since I rarely want pink at all.  I've been on the hunt for a great black/white or navy/white gingham button down but just couldn't settle for this one:

and this one wasn't in stock:

so I wandered over to the men's section and got this guy:
and as a splurge, this guy:
and I have to say, I'm ten times more pleased with the men's quality and selection than the women's.  I got an xs in both shirts, and may shrink them a tiny bit, but a little sleeve rolling and waist tying and we're good to go. I'm wearing a black long "mullet" skirt with the colorful gingham button down today.   Perhaps I should sport it again on Wednesday...Stay tuned for some Fourth of July looks that aren't obnoxious... :)

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  1. Julie says:

    Love the colorful one - way to spice up a Monday!! xo

  2. Margaret says:

    Amen, sister. What's the point of borrowing a menswear trend if you're only going to offer it in stereotypically "girly" colors? I actually lucked out and found that top gingham shirt in navy at a J. Crew outlet (but everything else was pale lavender, yellow, etc.). I still shop in the men's department from time to time -- which sometimes works out better for me, since I have longer arms and broader shoulders. (Thank heavens for the shrunken/rolled-sleeve trend; it lets me shop in the boys' department from time to time, too. Heh.) Love that red/blue gingham!

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