Tuesday, July 17

Top Three Tuesday: Swimwear

Being that I'm in Island mode, since I leave this week for Grand Cayman, I'm in the throws of unpacking and re-packing, and trying to make very important decisions like which bathing suits to pack and which to save for another day.

My mom and I had a very lengthy conversation regarding tan lines and swim tops, while my dad stood by rolling his eyes.  Anyways...we decided it's highly important to get as few tan lines as possible.  When we're playing with my nephews or doing anything besides laying flat on a towel, we like to have some sort of strap to make sure we don't flash anyone.

These are my favorite swimwear for the tan line conscious folk:

3) The String top. I know when you hear the word "string" you freak out, but it's actually been known to be the most flattering type of bikini, because it doesn't cut into your skin and create any "bulging".  I like this simple one from Madewell.
2) The Scrunch tie top. I found this in the Athleta catalog, and love the look. It seems very stable, but doesn't have too much going on to create severe tan lines. I love this pattern, too. Comes in turquoise as well, or even a solid.
1) The bandeau.  This year JCrew came out with a twist front bandeau, and I am obsessed! I ordered one on sale and it's become my favorite swim top! It has a detachable strap as well.
For bottoms this year, I'm obsessed with the tulle retro hipster brief. Look how cute this polka dot one is!
And I usually mix & match my patterns and solids...makes it more fun and unique!

Happy sunning! :)

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