Tuesday, July 3

Top Three Tuesday: Independence Day Clothing

Whether you're cooking out, going to the parade, or hitting the pool, here's what I want to celebrate!

3) A patriotic bikini. Now, this would only be purchased/worn when the day comes that I have too much money.  As we are not there yet, I would have to go search the sale rack at Old Navy for a similar suit.  All in all, you have to admit it's cute!
2) Blue gingham shorts. I actually have these on today, but honestly if you sport anything gingham (like either of my two men's shirts from yesterday's post), you're golden.  Lightweight cotton, eye catching pattern, and appropriate colors for the occasion.
1) Striped tank dress.  This I bought on promotion, and with my discount, and have worn it obsessively since. Wear with a chambray, scarf, t shirt, or cardigan...you can't go wrong!
Don't forget to grab your hat, and get outdoors!

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  1. those shorts.....love them!!!

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