Tuesday, July 10

Top Three Tuesday: Reasons to get outta town

It's Summer. The time of year where, when growing up, you were out of school and potentially at summer camp/taking a family vacation.  Enter adult world: i.e. life in a cubicle.  No more summer vacation.  WHAT?!?!?

I know, it's crushing really.  Gone are those blissful days but at least you now have a paycheck and can use your vacation days as you like. I shall stop complaining.

This weekend I'm heading out of town with my family (yes...all fourteen of us...that's mom, dad, both sisters and both their husbands, all 7 nephews, and myself) to the hill country.  The last time we took a family trip, there were three existing nephews, so this should be fun :)

My top reasons to get outta town:

3) The need for a change of scenery.  It's good to get away from work every now and then.  Get outside, get some fresh air, sleep in a little, ignore your daily routine, and focus on important things like carbs and wine.  There are several benefits to getting fresh air daily.  To include a few: it's good for your digestion, improves heart rate and blood pressure, makes you happier (hey! that's great!), and sharpens your mind. 

2) The need for sun.  First of all, my skin is too pale for my taste, and for a little longer, I'm going to focus on my tan.  Increase your vitamin D intake and catch some rays, but be sure to wear sunglasses (like that's a problem for me...I love buying them!).  There are several benefits here, too! One includes reduces risk of up to 20 types of cancer-heyyyyyy! Other include boosting your immunity, improving your metabolism, and sleeping better.

1) The need for sleep. I get way too caught up in my daily routine of work out-shower-get ready for work-rush rush rush-get to work-work-errands-more work-potential social engagement-sigh of relief-go to bed that I need to literally leave the premises in order to relax.  I won't be getting up for my work out and instead I'll focus on getting caught up on sleep. 

There are several benefits to sleep (obviously). Did you know that sleep deprivation increases risk of a car accident? Yikes.  More sleep helps clear your mental clutter, and improve your memory.   It also reduces displaced aggression, and makes you want to eat healthier (maybe that's why, when I'm tired, I want to eat bad food!) and I also believe it improves your skin and appearance.  When my parents go on their vacations, they come back looking like they've had a face lift!
I can't wait to start working on all three! :)

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