Thursday, July 12

Today is my Friday.

So I want to post about hair accessories....roll with it!  I saw that Anthropologie did a feature on spicing up your summer hair....and I have to say I'm intrigued.  I want to try two stat.  I actually bought a cool head wrap on etsy a couple weeks back...from this gals shop.

Anthropologie's cute ideas:

Funky turban + twisty top knot:

The one I bought recently:

Anthropologie's sparkle/color hair ties:
I may have to get my hands on those hair ties! 5 for $12 is a good price.

Any other recommendations? Send them over!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you should do a how to on different ways to hair accessories. I especially like looks like this but am curious about how to achieve it

  2. Laura B says:

    Ann! You totally need to check out adorable Reagan over at Hairdresser on Fire! She does lots of tutorials and her March hair sprucing challenge was full of accessory ideas.

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