Tuesday, February 28

Pucker up

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with lipstick?!  I find excuses to wear it as often as possible.  Alas I cannot wear it to work, since I reside in a super conservative (nay, unfashionable and male-infested) work environment.

My favorites are.... (and hey, some are budget friendly!)
(1) Revlon Super Lustrous cream lipstick (under $5 at most stores) in Cherries in the Snow

(2) Revlon Super Lustrous in Fire & Ice

(3) Nars Heat Wave (this one is a little pricier...$24)

(4) Kat von D (under $20!) (I can't find the color I have...it's not this)

I like the way lipstick makes your eyes pop, your complexion flawless, your teeth whiter, and your step spunkier.  My mother wears lipstick every day.  I remember her telling me she had to "put her face on" when I was little..and now I understand!

What's your favorite beauty product?

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  1. Julie says:

    Ohhhhh...I need to find the perfect red lipstick for me! Love these options!

  2. Cari says:

    Revlon "Rosewine" (#225) is my FAVORITE. Has been since high school.

  3. Laura B. says:

    I'm right there with ya, lady: no lips at work. Such a bummer. My absolute fave of all time is Cover Girl Continuous Color in "Really Red" which is a terrible misnomer because it's actually quite pinkish and not at all a true red. It's discontinued now, but I hunted some down! Oh how did we ever survive before Google??

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