Thursday, May 10

No Thinking Thursday

Instead of thrifting, I choose to not think today.

Couple of vital things to share.

1) my traffic sources are now increasingly awkward and interesting.
a) I can't think why Matt Bean would be in my blog. Or "matt bean" for that matter. Did anyone watch New Girl this week? Their temporary new roommate introduces himself as Neil and uses air quotes...*

b) Please note the keyword eecard no job college.  This sounds like cave man talk.

c) I love that my friend LE is search-able in my blog.

d) and who knew the flowchart posted here would create such a following.  I received both positive and negative feedback for sharing that.

* I found the mention of Matt Bean.

2) McDonald's has pushed out a new oatmeal.  Blueberry Banana-nut. It's fantastic. You should go try it.  Plus you can custom order you coffee, and you DO get service with a smile.

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