Thursday, May 3

Thrifty Thursday-Making Over a Room

This post is inspired by the activity that will occupy my weekend...a little room revamp!

I am re-painting my room.  When I first bought my condo, I think I used the wrong kind of paint, and use a semi gloss. Ew. It is a pale yellow and pretty much looks like a color used in a retirement center.  I want to liven it up a bit, so I'm getting this fantastic color below:
Spectra Blue. Sounds fun right? Now for the "thrifty" part.

Benjamin Moore makes the best paint colors.  You know what I don't dig? The price.  A can of paint ranges from $36-$68.  I beat the system by going to Home Depot with color swatch in hand, and having them color match and mix the paint. I go with Glidden flat paint at $24.99 a gallon. Much better, right?

Instead of fancy painting trays I just get the plastic ones. Throw them away when you're done!

For trimming, I use these cheap brushes.  I will get 3-4 for this project.  (Tip-if you want to take a break, wrap the brush with saran wrap and stick it in the freezer! You don't need to wash the paint off either!). For rollers, I use something like this.  I like the furry rollers because it gets into the texture on the wall.

Later on, I'm going to make new curtains for my room.  For now, my room is getting a massive makeover, and the total cost is:

2 gallons of paint @ $24.99    =   $49.98
3 trim brushes @ $1.15    =         $3.45
1 package of rollers @ $8.97 =   $8.97
2 plastic trays @ $1.97   =          $3.94
Total Cost    =                            $66.34

I'll take pictures and share the results Monday :)

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