Friday, March 16

What men think of your lipstick

Sometimes guys give me their opinion, and I respond with "I'll let you know when I wanted it".  Sassy? Yes. Rude? Unintentional.  Just being honest here.

As I've said (shut up about it already, Ann) I like wearing lipstick.  One of my aunts thought I meant on a previous post that lipstick wasn't allowed at work---no, no. I would just be answering the question of why I'm wearing it all day, instead of getting work done.

Anyways, I read a recent article on visual things on a woman that guys find unattractive, and found that I possess most of those...things (couldn't think of a better word).  They include: bangs, glasses, wearing your hair in a bun, wearing name a few.  Follow it up with Yahoo's article this week on what men think of various shades of lipstick, and you have a disconnect between how fashion/society/women in general dress and perceive their fashion statements as opposed to how men perceive these.  I find it very interesting since a little color on your pucker might make you feel like your skin is clearer, teeth whiter, and eyes brighter....but a man can't help but be turned off.

Moving are the thoughts of one man (editor of Men's Health, Matt Bean):

 Few thoughts here: I think every guy has a mini crush on Rooney Mara now that she's played a complete badass in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. They're kind of intrigued by her and scared of her at the same time.  I believe that has a lot to do with their opinion of her lipstick.

And...I cannot stop laughing at his criticism of J. Lo.  I feel like sometimes nude lips make it look like you're wearing concealer on your lips (and maybe you are!).
 I think we can all agree with him on Lady Gaga's selection below:
Also, it's Friday. Did you know?  What's going on this weekend? Maybe I'll make a new maxi skirt like Anna.  Maybe I'll figure out how people find my blog like Grace
I'll definitely try to stay as cute in the potential rain in the forecast like Bee. Or catch Ree's cookie show on Saturday.

Maybe all of the above, and maybe none. You never can tell...

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