Friday, May 25

Finally Friday: Doing Your Own Hair

I subscribe to Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP emails. There is a blog, but I usually focus more on the monthly email blast.  Yesterday I received one about doing your own hair, which is so ironic since tomorrow I'm trying out the DryBar for the first time! Ha. Anyways.. George Northwood walks us through a perfect blow dry, beachy waves, and curls, complete with a video, step-by-step guide, and product listing along the way.  Hoooold me back because all I want to do is get ALL of these products!

Here is the link to the GOOP newsletter.

I'm sure you think that blow-drying your hair is easy, and intuitive, but I'm actually not very good at it.  George talks about drying it 90% of the way, then using a round brush.  Does anyone feel like it's hard to look in the mirror and fully function your hands to do your hair? I get so turned around!

I'm also eager to try the beachy waves look.  I don't know how to use a curling iron, so maybe a curling wand would be an easier transition.  I may test some of these products, or less expensive ones that claim to do the same thing, so that I can share the results with you!!

PS is anyone noticing the return of the LONG TIME BANNED product mousse!? Some are calling it "styling whip" but let's call it like it is...mousse. You know, that product you loooooved that made your hair nice and crunchy...yikes.  It's back!  But the goal is more to create adequate hold, but no crunch.  I may get my hands on Pantene's version this weekend.

If you haven't signed up for the GOOP emails, you really should.

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  1. Beth says:

    Speaking of products whose names they change to sound more appealing... have you ever heard of Beauty Balm? It used to go by Blemish Balm, but that made it sound like zit concealer. It's supposed to be an all-in-one product of moisturizer, spf, and super light foundation. I'm thinking about trying it out. I know they've had tinted moisturizers for a while, but the last time I tried them they didn't have spf which was a deal breaker for me.

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