Monday, April 23

Manic Monday.

So I've been thinking that I want to "theme" each day of the week, and thus, each day's blog post. I think it'll help keep me on task, instead of (as I told Grace this am) starting a post about the bitter diatribes of single life and the dating world and hitting delete-delete-delete 76 times, giving up, and posting about the latest baked good I ... baked.

Today is Monday, which almost always makes me feel manic.  I feel like most often this day's post will include happenings from the weekend, which I was still living, instead of being back inside my cage cubicle.

Saturday I began the day in a very girly fashion by getting my hair did.  I actually looooooove how it turned out! I chose Sydney's color and will try to take a better pic as the week progresses (but I'm not making any promises).

After that I got an oil change (ahem, they added on new air filters...goodbye $74) and then an adventurous trip to Lowe's. I don't know about you, but the weather in Dallas this weekend was ideal.  Mid 70s at its height on Saturday, so I knew I needed to work on my dishelved patio.  I walked into Lowe's and admitted I needed assistance.  The nicest man helped me procure 11 of these to install myself, and 3 extremely  bags of gardening soil.  (Side note-he said "who is going to do all of this?" and I said "you're lookin' at her").

Toot toot!

Here's the part where I toot my own horn.  I dug out the old edging that was remaining (I'm pretty embarassed to show you the before pictures) and dug space for edging insertion all the way around.  Then I put these clever rows of cedar half-logs around the patio.  It looks SO CUTE... Side note, the salesman showed me plastic edging for a while until I proclaimed "but it's not cute". Ha.  Then I spent time cutting a hole in the bag of dirt and dragging it around to spread.  Next I had to till the land...hello? Tilling is TOUGH! My palms and biceps are actually quite sore even today.  Finally I fixed the lights strung around the tree and did a good sweeping to get it all in order.

This week I buy plants.  More pictures to come once it is a garden oasis back there.

And now photos...Hair...and patio..what a cohesive post!

I'm sorry Grace. I know I'm kind of frowning in the pic below, but can you blame me? It's already Monday again!
 Alright I'll tryyyyyyy smiling. Don't you feel awkward taking photos like this?
 This is the before pic.......that's the old plastic edging...and empty pots (I haven't purchased plants yet, remember?)
 Ew. I'm embarrassed.

Tada!!! HOW GREAT does that look? Oh shoot...I took this BEFORE fixing the lights...well give me a day or three to re-take a better picture.  :)

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  1. Julie says:

    Your hair looks AWESOME!!!! (and your backyard :)

  2. um. HOW did I miss this post? I think sometimes your posts don't show up in my reader??? annnnooooying!

    Anyway --- love the landscaping -- you rock and LOVE your hair --- it is SO long --- I want to copy your bangs --- MAYBE I will. Sue me.

    and of course like the daily themes --- maybe I should do that.

    Today is tantrum Tuesday.

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