Tuesday, February 14

I love my cookware.

That title has little to do with the premise of the post.  But, this past Christmas, my parents gave me two Le Creuset pots.  A huge dutch oven and a smaller pan for risotto/rice/pasta.  I am obsessed.  I use them multiple times a week. 
This past weekend I did some cooking w/ my roommate to prepare for the week. 

My sister Audra makes these crazy good soups, so I was inspired by her to make this yellow split pea soup.  Honestly peas used to gross me out, but we're good now.  And the recipe has coconut milk in it so --- don't mind if I gorge myself.

-2 cups yellow peas (bulk section at Whole Foods), cover with water by 3inches, boil, drain, set aside (30 minutes ish)

-in separate pot: olive oil, two large onions diced, 3/4 bunch cilantro chopped (shh I used the whole damn bunch!), on econtainer of sliced cremini mushrooms (mushroom texture scares me...I kept them whole for easy removal), 2T red thai curry paste (holy cow this is great), chopped carrots, cook until a little more than translucent.
-add peas, 2 cans coconut milk, and veggie broth until you like the consistency (I used almost 1 box).
-add salt to taste (which I did because I love salt), 2T lime juice, and cook for 30 more minutes on low.


 -Oh, I also made a cup of black rice to eat w/ the soup. I got this Forbidden rice, only because the bulk section was out of the black rice.  It's supposed to be crazy packed with antioxidants (flavanoid antioxidants that is)!

-While cooking..why not bake while you're at it?! I made one of our friend's super secret recipes for crack cookies. I will give you a hint, it calls for cake batter. Now go forth and search for cake batter cookies, and experiment with some recipes!!  I have to say, I used a gluten free white cake mix, and in the past I used yellow cake mix.  I would recommend the yellow cake mix going forward.  Underbake them...and dust with powdered sugar to finish!


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  1. KatieH says:

    that soup sounds delish!

  2. that soup makes me want to gag a little... but not as much as that black rice.... holy crap.... yuck

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