Saturday, February 4


Do you work out? I don't care what it Run? Walk? Yoga? Pilates? I could go on. Grace talks about doing videos at home, and I have a hard time remaining dedicated when the couch is soooo nearby. I have a friend who used this video...and her results are amazing. I kid you not, this girl posted a photo of her now and has received upwards of 45 comments and 30 "likes" on the photo. How inspiring! However...the comments I've heard about it are that it makes you want to vomit the first few days. I mean, I don't necessarily have a phobia of throwing up (like my sisters) but I don't really want to provoke it on a daily occurrence. I like to work out. Wellllllll...might be a stretch. I like to be in shape and be healthy. It's pretty important to me. My 60 minute bar exercise classes are pretty torturous, but I endure them. This 20 minute video might become a nightly routine in my casita. I bet I could convince my roommate to join in...muahahaa...anyone else care to join???? It's so cheap on Amazon!

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  1. Ana says:

    I lost 20 pounds in the first month with this video, it is very effective if you stay consistent with it. I never felt like I was going to throw up, well sometimes her talking made me want to, but once I remembered the exercises I just muted her voice :)

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