Friday, February 3


Good music and good humor can make my week. I have a little bit of a problem with music, because I'm constantly moving from one band/genre to the next in quick succession. Because of this, I'm always on the hunt for new stuff to listen to.
I have a friend with a similar "problem", so we decided to tackle the Pitchfork Top 50 Albums of 2011 together. He starting with 50 and me starting with 1. We give it a three song listening chance, and decide whether or not to continue listening from there. I've got the full list printed out at my desk with color coded highlighting according to what the fate is of the band (nerd alert!). This week, Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues was on my docket. Great song, great album, great music video. I highly recommend you take a listen.'ll soon realize I have a huge girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. She is in the television show "New Girl", which started out pretty rough...I think I gave it a four episode chance, before I really settled in for the long haul. My favorite line this week was "I'm about to go pay this fine, and my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!" Just give it a chance and watch it... She's so dorky/cute! I actually had someone tell me that they think of me when they watch this show.. and I'm not sure how to take that.

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