Thursday, February 2

Alteration Station

Welcome to Alteration Station. Doesn't that title remind you of Schoolhouse Rock!? Last weekend for me involved busting out the sewing machine and getting to that ever-growing pile of pants to be altered. I'm barely over 5 feet, so I have to hem nearly every pair of pantalones I purchase. Yes, even the "short" ones. Below we have four pairs of skinnies and one skirt (peaking out of the top!). The black pair on the left have remained too long (or just chopped off and frayed, much to the dismay of the lady that did my pedicure last week) for at least a full year. The next pair I just received at Christmas, so not bad! The third pair are the skinny skinny cords from Madewell in a fabulous mint. Other colors are available on sale right now!!! The fourth and final pair are some Old Navy boot cut jeans I picked up for $11. Look, Old Navy can be great, but do NOT look at their sizes. Just buy whatever fits. Ahhhhh glorious array of pants that now fit properly!! Oh this? Just a JCrew factory skirt I bought a few years ago that, during a recent try on/evaluation of "will I wear you to work today?" I discovered sat 3" below my knee...not so flattering. Chop I went, sewed up the back slit, and called it a short skirt! Can I just tell you I got at least four compliments throughout the day? Check out that stitching! Oh ya! (Look, I'm pumped about it!) Unrelated-ish, but here are my $10 cowboy boots I purchased at the Dallas Flea a few months ago, that I will wear on casual Friday with said Old Navy boot cut.
This weekend I plan on hemming my yoga pants (I know, how pathetic that I even have to hem yoga pants?) (PS, even though Lululemon is high dollar, they do free alterations. That is glorious). I also have one more skirt to chop off (similar to above situation). The fun continues!

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  1. Ana says:

    Way to go! I have such a huge pile of thrifted goodies that I think about altering every day, thanks for the inspiration!

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