Friday, February 24

It's Downton not Downtown.

I finally finished the finale to Season 2 of Downton Abbey.  Do you like the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice?  Or Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma?  How about Anne Hathoway's Becoming Jane? you have a heart/soul/like anything that smells, sounds or tastes like Jane Austen?

So many questions I know.

Well, I just have a feeling you'll love Downton Abbey.  It's a PBS special currently, and Season 2 just wrapped up on Sunday.

 EEEEeeeeeeee!!! There's a much anticipated proposal in it!  Part of me doesn't want to spoil it in case someone hasn't seen it but---too bad, so sad, you'll enjoy it anyways.

Mary + Matthew = <3!!

I wonder if Downton has monogrammed towels? Would they do M+M? Just a plain old C? Anyways..

I also found this blog that explains the whole entail issue from the beginning of Season 1, which is definitive proof that I should have paid more attention in my business law classes in college. Oh well, later down the road, blogs were created and here we find the answer.

And this blog details Downton Abbey cooking!  Wow, Pinterest-move over.  I want to make Kedgeree! (No actually I'm totally not serious and will go back to Pinterest now, thanks.

By the way, my Pinterest food board is out of control so I think I'll focus on making some of these things over the weekend...(after I clean my shower, fine), so I can prove this article wrong.

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  1. KatieH says:

    I have plans to start watching this since its on Netflix instant, my favorite thing possibly after Pinterest! I've been cleaning up my cooking boards too - I'm a serial pinner!

  2. on episode 6 but josh coming home has slowed down my watching- i think his call nights will now become my 4 hour downton abbey nights! xoxoxo

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