Tuesday, February 21

Guten Morgen.

I just got to my desk, and I feel like I've already accomplished enough for the day.  So I'll go ahead and go...(don't I wish!)...

This morning started off royally (after getting back from Bar Method) by enjoying my coffee with the royal family.
All hail!
  It's a really great way to start  the day.  On the back left, you'll see my Chemix coffee maker* and on the back right, you'll see my to-go cup of coffee, because one cup ain't enough.

  Front and center-probably my 2nd favorite mug in my cabinet.**  I'll have you know it was purchased for me straight from the UK, one week after their nuptials. I should be embarrassed to have such an affinity, but I don't.

  This morning while sipping coffee and eating an omelet (more on that later), I decided this may be the weekend I clean my shower.  If any of you know me, you know that I absolute abhor cleaning the shower.  I don't know why, and you don't care, but it's the last task for me to conquer when it comes to any cleaning/household duties. Maybe I should consider marrying someone who has a love for shower cleaning....(applicants, please put that on your resume, thank you).  I typically use organic and safe products throughout the house, save for the shower. I use Kaboom-judge me if you want.  Anyways, it's not like I hate shower cleaning as much as Glennon hates vacuuming, but I really don't enjoy it. 

  The point is, I've almost made the decision to do it this weekend.  Other thoughts include finding a steam room to relax in, finishing the last 10 pages of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest (#3 in the Dragon Tattoo series), drinking endless amounts of coffee and/or wine, and spending time with friends.

 Next on the docket today...code these invoices (oh do I lead an exciting life).  If you look closely, you'll notice they are for "expert lubrication".  Can't wait to dive right in!

*I have this Chemix, and a french press.  I do not have an electricity-functioning coffee pot. Not because I'm a hippy (well partly), but because I do not like the taste of burnt coffee.  Try it!  Try it! You might like it!
**My favorite is this mug from Anthropologie my friend Corinne got me for Christmas. (It's a light pink one with an "a" on it)

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  1. Laura B. says:

    We have the same fave mug! Except mine is an L, duh.

    So glad you're blogging again, by the way. Have a great day, little Ann!

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