Wednesday, July 11

Work Wear Wednesday: Look for Less

Did you receive the Anthropologie July catalog? Were you totally struck by the cover like I was? Then I got to the price of this look and way.  Then I saw it in the store and felt like it wasn't worth the price....shoot.  I know I can figure out a way to pull this off without breaking my budget.

The Look:
The cost:
Dress $188, Collar $198, Shoes $168
Total: $554

Look for less:

Option One: Dress, Collar, Shoes=$122.98
Option Two: Dress, Collar, Shoes=$95.98

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  1. Julie says:

    Wow, I can't believe that collar was so expensive at Anthro! LOVE the cherry dress in option 1!

  2. KatieH says:

    I think I like both of those dresses more than the Anthro one! Good job!

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