Tuesday, April 24

Top Three Tuesday

I'm going to make Tuesdays the day of Top Threes.  Why Three? The only reasons I have is that it is shorter than ten and still starts with T to go with my theme. 

Today's Top Three centers around something I should be more ashamed about, but honestly can't help but be pumped up by it...

... Pop music

Uhoh, I think I just lost a reader forever. Maybe two?!

Top Three pop tunes I play on repeat this week:

3) Nicki Minaj-Starships
Initially I thought it was possible to stay away from Nicki.  But you get two British girls obsessed and Ellen involved, and I start to pay more attention...now this video for some reason gets me awake on my morning car ride like none other.

2) Just Bieber-Boyfriend
I know, I know. It's Bieber. But...he got together with Timberlake and I thought I'd give it one listen. Then it started to get out that most of my friends were listening to this song on repeat...so I succumed to the Bieber fever.

1) Carly Rae Jepsen-Call Me Maybe
I know that this song is very "girl meets boy and starts obsessing over him after 32 seconds in an almost creepy way" sort of song...but I can't help but love it.  And play it. Loudly. In my car. Most days. You should too.

Ok I'm going to get back to work and play the YouTube station I made that happens to contain these three songs and more similar gems.

Happy popping!

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