Wednesday, April 18

Celebrities who should be couples

I read this great post today that Grace tagged... and I couldn't agree more.

(1) I mean, Zooey D is already my favorite home girl...then you add Jason Gordon Levitt and forget it! They're quirky and hipster-y and crazy cute, but claim they're "just friends". But then they wrote a cute New Year's Eve song together.. sigh.

(2) The second cute "friend couple" is Taylor Swift and Zac Efron. Yes I realize he's young...but I too have a fairly significant crush on him.  They were seen together on Ellen recently where she had just taught him how to play the guitar, and they performed a little duet on the show.

The other celebrity match making/baby making/wishful break ups this blogger lists are still important, but the highlights were the above two for me...don't you agree?

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  1. um.

    was that not the greatest post eva?!

    but I totally more than agree with you!!!!

    and I get weirdly excited when you post.

    maybe creepily,


  2. KatieH says:

    Could not agree more with #1!

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