Tuesday, March 20


You know what it is.  Business in the front, party in the back.
Have you seen its debut in the fashion world lately? I just can't decide what I think about the skirts/dresses/tunics that are reminiscent of the ever-criticized mullet, and as a consequence I have not made a purchase of such an item.

This NBC New York article (don't even fight it-if it says New York, most claim it's a reputable source of discernment) dubs this fashion choice "mini in the front, maxi in the back".  Hee hee why does this make me giggle?!

Some are subtle..just an extra inch or three below the front hem..

Some are not-so-subtle..creating a sort of tail on your clothing..surely no one wants to look like they have a tail on, so far from Halloween?

I am ready to find the fashion mullet that changes my mind about this new trend.  My roommate pointed out that it often takes me a minute or 45 to adjust to a new trend, and then I'm all over it and telling the world about it.  In any case, I'll be sure to admit when I have proved myself wrong on this one.

(all dresses/skirts found at Zara)

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  1. don't drink the cool-aid!!

    ha. kidding. kind of.

    I just hate my legs and this would NOT flatter me -- I'm sure you have awesome stems -- you can rock it. I'm SURE!!

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