Monday, March 12

Musical Snack

Remember that time I used to blog? Ya I do too....sorry I'm not sorry, because work interfered with fun for about two weeks straight.  How DARE I let that happen?!  I apologize for:
1) Cancelling 90% of my social events over the last fortnight.
2) Not blogging (who cares-moving on).
3) Not being a stable part of my residence (sorry roommate!).
4) Complaining about it even a little bit..heck at least I'm employed!
5) Giving you a meaningless list that has nothing to do with the post title.

Moving onward and upward...I have a pretty deep affinity for musical tunes.  I like to pour through Pitchfork reading endless (and sometimes meaningless) reviews of new bands.  I like to go to concerts.  I like to attend music festivals (except I haven't done the all-night-camping-with-too-many-hippies-kind). I like to talk about music with others. I like to listen to samples on the Youtube or on Spotify, while deciding whether or not to download via (it's cheaper than iTunes and the files are mp3s, so you can share them with friends!). And....I still enjoy making mix CDs for friends and family...are you totes jealous you haven't received one?!

Moving on.  Here's a list of my current favs.

But before... a little caveat (I enjoy using that word as much as possible in my daily life) musical taste ranges from mushy/gushy/soft rock to electronic/dubstep/techno and always excludes angry/screaming/metal and most country.

Back to the list. (2 lists in ONE POST!? oh my)

1. Sbtrkt- vowels! This is more in the direction of electronic/pop/dubstep genre, and I greatly enjoy it.  Give it a sample by listening to this or this.

2. tUnE-yArDs-took me a while to type it out, but that's ok.  It's worth it. This chick is crazy, and a little husky, but I am absolutely into the Afro-pop vibe she is putting down. Check this video out imediamente. This track is fun too.

3. M83-sorry, another electronic dubstep band to share. My favorite part of Anthony's stuff is that he said he felt super unmanly recording these high pitched sounds while his girlfriend was asleep upstairs. You might recognize Midnight City from a recent Victoria's Secret commercial. Perf. Here's another good one.

4. St. Vincent-Let's be real, I have a pretty substantial girl crush on her.  I have a pin board dedicated to her (And Zooey Deschanel, my other girl crush). It's still a work in process.  When my hair was shorter, I was told I resembled her-I'll take it!  Back to the point, this album took me a little while to get into, but I'm hooked. Cheerleader is by far my fav.  Super sassy, super awesome. This one is playful and fun as well.

5. Jay-Z/Kanye- Look I know it's surprising, that I could have an affinity for these two hoodlums. Hello-Jay-Z is married to Beyonce, and I definitely enjoyed his tracks back in the day.  Don't even try to hide that you did too!  Kanye, though his reputation and temper are less than wonderful, can make great music.  I'm sorry! That's all I have to say!  I especially enjoy their Otis Redding tribute. I was a HUGE Otis fan as a kid. I also checked out No Church in the Wild, which coincidentally, when I was in S Africa on safari, there in fact WAS NO Church! I was crushed.  Side note, if you never got into Kanye's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, you'd do yourself a favor by checking it now.  Better late than never. A warning that the album cover is not PG, along with some of the lyrics.  You were warned!!

Please note, my "current favs" change weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly.  Look forward to future posts that mirror this.

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