Friday, June 22

Finally Friday: Another Boy Coming

No, not a boyfriend.  A nephew! Remember how I said I have 6 nephews?! The 7th boy is making his grand appearance on Sunday.  My sister, Audra, is being induced that afternoon, and I can't wait!  Henry is her 3rd, and he sports the wildest red hair.  He is hoping for another red head to spice up our worlds! 

It's so ironic, because you'd think Audra's house would be mayhem, but with all those boys running around, and tons of different house projects going on at once, she manages to instill a sense of calm and peace.  I like to sit in the middle of the kitchen in the morning and watch as each one of the older boys slowly wakes up and makes their way downstairs.. they're about ready to out grow me! (That is a small feat...I'm only 5'1").

I will be the family representative to greet the baby this weekend.  Our sister, Virginia is busy with her own two boys :).

In addition, I hope to have lots of time with my cousin to eat tacos, drink coffee, run around town, and stay up late talking. 

Now to get through the next couple of hours until I can get out of work and gooooooooo!

Ps, Delta Spirit released a new album a couple months ago.  You should definitely check it out as soon as possible.

Pps, did you see this interview with Jimmy Kimmel pranking a kid with a lie detector? Too funny!

Yes this is the most random post ever, and I hope you have a happy weekend :)

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  1. Julie says:

    Can't wait for you to GET here!!!! xo

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